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I personally prefer soy people
Amorbis Mon 08 Feb 2016 23:09
What am I having for breakfast tomorrow? AAAAAW YEAH!
Rapid Mon 08 Feb 2016 22:44
you crazy hufflepuff kids.
Kodderkopp Sat 06 Feb 2016 23:42
those aren't my classmates i still wear polo shirts and shorts and take my superman lunchbox to school
David Cameron Sat 06 Feb 2016 21:38
Dave shouldn't you ask for your classmate's permission before you upload videos of them
Amorbis Sat 06 Feb 2016 20:54
a short but beautiful masterpiece
David Cameron Sat 06 Feb 2016 18:15
"My physician prescribed Benjisidrine for the condition." -Sarek
Portponky Fri 05 Feb 2016 11:59
"The doctor advised me against giving in to my compulsions to accelerate, he thinks I have whiplash" - SoreNeck
Folksinger Fri 05 Feb 2016 03:24
I have to propel myself quickly. - sawneck
Rapid Fri 05 Feb 2016 02:36
but not as fast as sanic
Emperor Thu 04 Feb 2016 15:22
Yeah, well, at least I can go vroom really fast!
Kodderkopp Thu 04 Feb 2016 14:43
If something is free, you are the product.
Portponky Thu 04 Feb 2016 13:17
yeah, but origin...
Rapid Thu 04 Feb 2016 00:21
Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012) is free to keep on Origin at the moment. ... nted-free/
Kodderkopp Wed 03 Feb 2016 22:39
Can I equip it at the same time as the anger?
Amorbis Wed 03 Feb 2016 22:22
ok apparently the creator of the hazmat headcase was asked to submit an updated version and added in sniper support as a practical joke that got out of hand
Portponky Wed 03 Feb 2016 11:16
you can now equip the hazmat headcase on the sniper, W T F
Portponky Wed 03 Feb 2016 01:08
Totally worth it.
hippyscum Sun 31 Jan 2016 00:08
Rapid Sat 30 Jan 2016 10:12
first test of Sven is a success, hippy almost choked to death
Emperor Sat 30 Jan 2016 01:25
That's creepy, I'm watching Joel from Vinesauce and he just mentioned Street Sharks
Folksinger Fri 29 Jan 2016 02:31
aw thought it was vinesauce, also Street Sharks fuck yeah!
Rapid Fri 29 Jan 2016 01:54
Amorbis Thu 28 Jan 2016 23:56
They're a bit QQ that they might actually be charged with crimes
Kodderkopp Thu 28 Jan 2016 22:10
considering they're literally terrorists they got it pretty good!
David Cameron Thu 28 Jan 2016 21:13
eh only one dead, not too bad.
Portponky Thu 28 Jan 2016 15:30
argh, can't stop watching that oregon wildlife refuge standoff live stream. so much trolling in the chat. hope, noone dies, though.
Kodderkopp Thu 28 Jan 2016 04:01
Rapid Thu 28 Jan 2016 01:42
We all have the ability to turn into a skeleton, all we have to do is stop moving forever.
Portponky Wed 27 Jan 2016 23:47
what can i say, i just love poop!!
David Cameron Tue 26 Jan 2016 19:25
makes sense
Emperor Tue 26 Jan 2016 12:24
you sure watch some shit dave
Rapid Tue 26 Jan 2016 10:27
David Cameron Tue 26 Jan 2016 06:53
sleepin' makes me feel good
Emperor Tue 26 Jan 2016 00:27
Rapid Mon 25 Jan 2016 23:20
On the plus side it means that my mouse won't starve to death now.
Folksinger Mon 25 Jan 2016 23:11
Kodderkopp Mon 25 Jan 2016 22:54
forum might've eaten it, it does that every now and then
Emperor Mon 25 Jan 2016 22:30
wait, where'd rapid's last shout go?
Kodderkopp Mon 25 Jan 2016 22:22
My doctor recommended I stay home for a week, but I left my mouse in uni. Shiiiiiiet
Folksinger Mon 25 Jan 2016 18:22
David Cameron Mon 25 Jan 2016 17:32
someone should probably make a thread for this or something
Emperor Mon 25 Jan 2016 17:02
Hey, if you still got room for the sven co-op thing, I can come. All over the place.
lolwut Mon 25 Jan 2016 16:51
That was at least 100x better than Game Theory.
Folksinger Mon 25 Jan 2016 16:50
Oh, that video is awesome. It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey. It starts off with a simple, quirky premise and shifts gears a few times until it spirals out of control such that the ending is a clusterfuck of sound and colour, all sense of reason and logic is lost as you watch a human transcend the barriers of time/space/Mario 64.
Portponky Mon 25 Jan 2016 15:20
honestly it's really worth watching if you've got 25 minutes to spare
David Cameron Mon 25 Jan 2016 14:55
in case anyone hasn't seen this yet
David Cameron Mon 25 Jan 2016 14:54
Surely you don't want "shit to go down" when dogs are involved.
Emperor Mon 25 Jan 2016 14:12
just apply a generous coat of liverwurst to the wasd keys and watch the pwnage. Also, I'd be up for that shit next month=week. If said shit goes down before then, you guys have fun.
Kodderkopp Mon 25 Jan 2016 13:34
that's silly, dogs can't play video games, they don't have fingers
Emperor Mon 25 Jan 2016 01:13
with sven coop the level of fun is directly influenced by number of people playing so as far as i'm concerned every and their dog should get in on this
David Cameron Mon 25 Jan 2016 00:50
I can play as well if there is space
Emperor Mon 25 Jan 2016 00:16
Maybe plan it now and get it ready for wednesday? ;))))))
Folksinger Sun 24 Jan 2016 23:21
first we have to convince someone to handle server nonsense
David Cameron Sun 24 Jan 2016 23:17
so we doin' this or what?
Rapid Sun 24 Jan 2016 22:48
Think we could start on wednesday then? That'll give me enough time to become the sven
Folksinger Sun 24 Jan 2016 22:17
I recommend getting maced, it really gets all the phlegm out.
Emperor Sun 24 Jan 2016 21:47
Prop yourself up and join us Folksinger!
hippyscum Sun 24 Jan 2016 21:40
Folksinger Sun 24 Jan 2016 17:58
Yeah best not join us Folksinger, you may pass it onto us. Feel better though!
hippyscum Sun 24 Jan 2016 17:31
But I heard Welsh flu takes years to cure
Amorbis Sun 24 Jan 2016 17:15
No! Please wait until I stop having the flu, I'm chuging soup as we speak
Folksinger Sun 24 Jan 2016 16:36
i want to BECOME sven
David Cameron Sun 24 Jan 2016 16:13
we cooping tonight?
Rapid Sun 24 Jan 2016 11:27
Downloading now. Let's get on this thing.
hippyscum Sun 24 Jan 2016 01:57
spoiler that racing game is a bit shit
Rapid Sat 23 Jan 2016 21:32
Nice! How many players does it support?
Folksinger Sat 23 Jan 2016 21:00
Amorbis Sat 23 Jan 2016 19:18
it's still showing for me. all the way at the bottom of
Kodderkopp Sat 23 Jan 2016 13:12
aw it must have been yesterday only, i still got it, and life is hard that one is free today?
Rapid Sat 23 Jan 2016 09:19
boobladies!?!? i am in
Rapid Sat 23 Jan 2016 09:14 is giving away steam keys for 2004's "street racing syndicate" which is an NFS-alike with additional boobladies.
Kodderkopp Sat 23 Jan 2016 00:24
I thought Robert Pelloni was the only indie dev cool enough to pee in a jar at his desk.
Portponky Fri 22 Jan 2016 11:00
Braid was shit, though.
Emperor Fri 22 Jan 2016 09:58
looking at you portponky
David Cameron Fri 22 Jan 2016 05:58
you're not a real indie game developer until you make your own piss jug ... 0109283328
David Cameron Fri 22 Jan 2016 05:34
aww, poor guy. I wonder what ultimate potato has to say about this.
Kodderkopp Thu 21 Jan 2016 16:30
Portponky Thu 21 Jan 2016 15:25
gg valve, no doubt you'll add more complex lockdowns thus making the system even more vulnerable
Portponky Thu 21 Jan 2016 15:22
lol there's a major weakness in the way valve's mobile authentication for trading works that allows very simple bait and switch
Portponky Thu 21 Jan 2016 15:20
om nom nom
Portponky Tue 19 Jan 2016 16:14
I like it when you accidentally break the glasses and he eats the shards
Emperor Tue 19 Jan 2016 11:13
David Cameron Tue 19 Jan 2016 01:21
I'm game for parenting simulator
Amorbis Mon 18 Jan 2016 21:45
Just when you've finished stuffing your baby full of bananas because it drank half a litre of bleach, it's grabbed a steak knife and is desperately trying to flush itself down the toilet.
Portponky Mon 18 Jan 2016 16:13
Parenting does that to you apparently
Folksinger Mon 18 Jan 2016 14:38
looks broken as fuck
Rapid Mon 18 Jan 2016 13:53
I have acquired it as a result
Mikey Mon 18 Jan 2016 13:49
That looks amazing Ponky
Mikey Mon 18 Jan 2016 13:49
it's quite realistic i must say
David Cameron Mon 18 Jan 2016 13:13
This game had me crying with laughter:
Portponky Mon 18 Jan 2016 01:29
single player only, I think.
Kodderkopp Sun 17 Jan 2016 21:39
is it multiplayer?, I'll take it either way
Rapid Sun 17 Jan 2016 19:15
spaceship-adventure-rpg-shooter-talker game Consortium is free to keep on Steam this weekend ... -the-game/
Kodderkopp Sun 17 Jan 2016 17:26
So Netflix are starting to crack down on VPNs:
hippyscum Sat 16 Jan 2016 01:24
Here's a free game David Bowie in it ... -soul-free
Folksinger Fri 15 Jan 2016 21:11
Oh damn, that's my county as well.
Folksinger Fri 15 Jan 2016 21:10

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